YouTube Looking to Fight Extremist Content

Google’s approach to freedom of speech over its video streaming service – YouTube has been misused by many content creators to create extremist content recently.

Terrorism is one the biggest concerns for the people around the world. We cannot live in a free world until the time we are living under the fear of terror. Our forces are fighting terrorism on all fronts bravely, but as civilians, we have our own responsibilities to counter such efforts of propaganda and terror recruitment.

Google’s Kent Walker published a post on Google’s blog where he talked about four different steps taken by YouTube to counter such extreme content.

First, they are making use of technology to identify such extreme content automatically based on the videos they removed in past six months. Second, they have increased their number of independent content experts around the world to identify such videos. Third, they are going to put videos on the interstitial warning that do not violate Google guidelines but their content somehow seems not appropriate for the audience.

Finally, they are going to use ‘Redirect Method’ where terrorist recruits will be redirected to anti-terrorism videos when they click on videos promoted by extremist people.

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Praveen Sharma

Praveen Sharma

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