Snapchat Parental Control and Children Privacy Issues

Instant messaging apps are very popular among kids and teens and Snapchat is the widely famous social app in the modern world. Young kids and teens are the frequent users of the digital app and they perform a number of activities on it. They do texting, conversations, audio and video calls and share media files to friends and family members. Over the years the messenger is running with the plenty of privacy issues which young users and their guardians need to aware of to prevent any kind of mishap. Today we are going to discuss the privacy issues the Snapchat has and how a user in the shape of kids and teens can prevent the issue and how parents got to know that.

Today we are going to discuss the privacy issues the Snapchat has and how a user in the shape of kids and teens can prevent the issue and how parents got to know that.

Tips for Kids and Parents to Use Snapchat!

Govern Your Settings

The instant messenger Snapchat’s settings are very crucial to understand. The manufacturing default “My Friends” settings enable users to send and receive files from other users which they have made friends on the messenger and then add into friend list. We suggest to all users while using the social app must bother to set the settings. They can further get information through a link

Private Info

Guide your kids and teens while using the Snapchat that don’t put personal information which can be tractable. The private information such as phone number, home address, financial and medical history don’t ever put into peoples hand by sharing on the social app without settings.

Storing Snaps

Hence, all the snaps have never been saved by default on the social media app, It can be stored by the creator in the shape of a user for sending someone to take the screenshot. The user can make the photo of the screen without using another camera or by using other tools to make a duplicate of a photo. Therefore, kids and teens should not share pictures that are illegal, ultimately can create real problems. It may also become embarrassing in-case catch by the parents or friends.

Save Password

You must follow all the tips to secure your privacy and make a strong password of your messenger and don’t dare to share it with anyone. If someone got it, then he/she can create serious issues for you. Therefore, make a strong and complex password.

Control the Levels of Your Device

The OS such as Android and IOS enable a user to set parental controls on your kids and teens mobile gadgets. Use this parental control and protect your kids and teens. In-case these are not enough, then make use of software to spy cell phone. It allows parents to view what sort activities their children are doing on the instant messaging app.

Avoid Strangers

The social messaging app has created for the people whom you know in “real life”. Therefore, avoid making friends whom you don’t know in real life. It is very dangerous for teens to have contact with the person whom they don’t know in real life.

Cyber Bullying

Online bullying is the violation of the Snapchat manifesto and it is not tolerated on this particular platform. Discuss with your child that cyberbullying is a crime don’t bully anyone and don’t be bullied online. Bullying has been penetrated beyond the school gates. Always talk with real life and trusted friend. Therefore, parents should talk to kids and teens about bullying.

Nudity is Crime

Irrespective of breaking the rules and regulations Snapchat community standards, sending and receiving sexually explicit photos and images is a serious crime under the age of 18. Snapchat has its dark side and parents need to protect them.

Unwanted Harassment & Nude Photos

In-case your child has saved setting on “My Friends” even then he/she is receiving explicit content and abusive messages, then block the person and report to the Snapchat team.

Block Users you Want

If someone is sending your children unwanted snaps, you can block them all even they are more than one. Snapchat allows you to block all the users sending unwanted sexual explicit content.

Report Abuse

If a user is harassing by someone and send inappropriate photos or threatening a user on her contact, then visit the Snapchat safety team. Then make the complaint of “Report Safety concern” tab in the menu.

Remove the Account

The user can remove the Snapchat account at any time having the username and the password. If you have made your mind to delete the account of your child without having the account password and username then you just need to make a request at Snapchat by dropping your information that you are the parents of a child.

Short Message to Parents

Parents should keep an eye on kids and teens activities, new instant messaging apps are popping up all the time which can also be dangerous. So, parents should teach children to develop critical thinking and skills to prevent all dangers and they should know how to set privacies on the social media apps.

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