Ludus: New Presentation Tool with Amazing Features

We all collect data to present it in a consequential manner where we can convey our message. There are many online tools that are available today with us to create beautiful slides, like PowerPoint and Keynote. But, compatibility and sharing are a big concern when you create your data with these presentation tools.

So, there was a constant need for a tool which can help you create and present information in a more engaging way, at the same time it will allow you to share your data easily.

Ludus, a presentation tool allows you to create beautiful slides by providing amazing tools at one place. The tool is designed by keeping professional designers in mind helping them create data by making use of its different features, like color picker, drop shadows, etc.

Ludus Features

  • Creative: Ludus will help you create amazing creative slides by making use of creative features like 16 blend modes, color overlay, color picker, zoom, crop, font uploads, and much more.
  • Fast: The tool is fast and responsive for creating slides.
  • Universal: The tool supports almost all the media file types to make your presentation more engaging. You can embed third party data or export it into PDF/HTML formats.

Ludus Founders

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Praveen Sharma

Praveen Sharma

Founder at Softembly
Praveen Sharma is a technology admirer and internet marketer by profession. He loves talking and sharing things about technology, internet and its impact on our lives. When not working, he can be found watching TV or hanging out with family and friends.

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