What is Levitating Plant or Magnetic Floating Planter

We have seen it all, from different productive gadgets to the recently launched Falcon Heavy rocket taking a car with itself on the mission to the Mars. Ever-advancing technology never disappoints us and changing our lives in some manner.

Levitating plant is another product of our scientific and technological world where a plant is a vase is made to float in the mid-air with the help of electromagnetic suspension technology. With this technology, magnetic levitation of the plant’s vase is achieved by constantly altering the magnetic field’s strength which is produced by the electromagnets.

As claimed by levitatingx, this process gives a plant full potential to grow by exposing them to an anti-gravity environment with a 360-degree sunlight exposure. Just add soil and your favorite plant in the vase, and allow them to grow in a floating environment.

This levitating plant’s vase comes with a base which allows it to hover above it with the help of the electromagnetic suspension. The base comes in different colors and in two different models – wireless (with batteries) and wired.
This floating plant with its vase and base are available for sale at a price of $200 on levitatingx.com.

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Praveen Sharma

Praveen Sharma

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