Google AdSense Now More Transparent for Publishers

Google’s AdSense platform is launched by the search giant fifteen years ago to allow content publishers to make money with the material they publish online. Advertisers who advertise their ads on Google network, helps publishers make money online for their created content.

In a recent blog post on Google’s official blog, Scott Spencer (Director, Sustainable Ads, Google), shared the latest development in making quality policies of the AdSense network more transparent for the publishers. Google shared information about the two updates that they recently implemented.

One of these updates is that now Google will pull off ads from a page id that page’s content violates Google’s quality guidelines. Earlier, the search company used to ban the whole website for such violations. This new page-level policy will remove ads from the pages with compromised content, but ads will continue running on others pages of the website with good content.

Another update is regarding a policy center that Google created for the publishers to learn and dig more deep into the ad network policies. With Policy Center, it will be extremely easy for the publishers to understand what policy was violated by their website and how it affected their ads. This will help publishers to quickly resolve the issues and resubmit their website for reconsideration.

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Praveen Sharma

Praveen Sharma

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